Memorial Jewellery for your loved ones or pets ashes, hair, fingerprints or paw prints.

Offering people the opportunity to keep your Loved Ones and Pets near, after they have passed away. We have a range of stunning jewellery items, paperweights and trinket boxes for you to choose from. Your loved ones ashes/hair or your pets fur can be set into the item. We also do memory bears and pillows, made from the clothing of your loved one and we sell memorial pin badges, in 26 different styles. Please visit our shop at 19 Woodborough Road, Winscombe to see the vast range of products we offer.
Once you have chosen your piece(s) of jewellery, we will send you a kit so that you may send us the ashes or hair, and also an adjustable ring sizer if required. We require one level teaspoon of ashes per item, any unused ashes or hair will be returned to you.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any of our items. #rememeberme #alwayswithme #memorialjewellery

Our See You Memorial Jewellery has been designed by Rob Leurs from the Netherlands who has over 35 years experience in designing jewellery. Whilst we order all the jewellery chosen by our families from the Netherlands, all pieces are filled by ourselves in our office in Winscombe, North Somerset. All our silver jewellery is produced in sterling silver which then has a thin rhodium plate layer applied. This gives the a white-gold finish and means the silver won’t oxidise. Our yellow gold & rose-gold is plated. We have a wide selection available including rings for ladies and gentleman; necklaces; Pandora style charms; bracelets, earrings and a range of finger print jewellery can be designed for you as well.

Our memorial teddys and pillows are hand made by a lady from Worcester. Pieces are made from items of clothing given to her by families who want to keep their loved one close to them.

Our Ashes into Glass selection has been designed and is made in Billeracy. They are one of the UK’s leading producers of Ashes Memorials with over 30 years experience from founders Bill Rhodes and James Watts.
Our Forever into Glass selection is provided by Langham Glass is Norfolk. Established in 1979 by Paul Miller it is still run as a family business.