Covid-19 Virus Update 23-03-2020 22-44hrs

In light of the Prime Minister’s recent announcement this evening, I would like to clarify that funeral services will still be taking place, with immediate family members in attendance. We will be speaking to all the local crematoriums in the morning to confirm the numbers that that are willing to allow.

As of this morning all crematoriums were limiting the numbers of attendees to 25 mourners. At some crematoriums, services can still be live streamed so that family and friends who can’t attend the service can still watch the service. This is only arranged with the family’s consent and is login and password protected.

The hymn books have all been removed, and in some crematoriums the chairs have been spread to allow for social distancing.

All Crematoriums are requesting that the curtains be closed at the end of the service to stop mourners touching and kissing the coffin, therefore limiting the risk of spreading infection.

We will no longer be offering families the use of a limousine for the same reason, to limit the risk of infection for not only the passengers, but also the driver.

All Churches will be closed with immediate effect. All funeral services will take place at the Crematorium or graveside in the case of a burial.

We are also aware that there will soon be an issue with the delivery of flowers from the markets. This may severely limit the type of tribute a family can choose.

We are doing our best to keep our families informed of all the changes that are occurring, but if anyone would like any information or reassurance, please feel free to phone us, message us or email us.

Family and friends can still leave their personal tributes and memories on the deceased’s dedicated Muchloved page which can be found via