Covid-19 Update 22/07/2020

There have been further changes to the numbers of mourners allowed at Mendip Crematorium.

So to clarify Weston and Sedgemoor Crematoriums will all allow 30 mourners, Mendip is 24, South Bristol & Canford 20 mourners and Haycombe is 26 mourners.

All Crematoriums are discouraging singing during the service where possible. They are suggesting pre-recorded music or hymns be played for people to listen to.

Face Masks – It is strongly encouraged by Sedgemoor Crematorium that mourners where facemasks during their time in the Chapel, this is for the protection of other mourners as well as the Crematorium staff.

Track & Trace – As all mourners in the Chapel will have been invited to attend by the person arranging the funeral, it will be necessary for the arranger to keep the contact details of everyone who attended the funeral service for 21 days. Should it come to our attention that there is a risk of infection, we will contact the arranger and ask for the contact details of all those who attended the service.