COVID-19 Update 10/06/2020

The House of Bishops has announced that as of Monday 15th June 2020 we will be able to hold a funeral service in Church. This will be completely dependent on the individual Churches and whether they have the availability of staff to cover the running of the service, cleaning etc.

Each Church will decide on the number of close family mourners, (or close friends if there is no family) that they are able to accommodate, whilst adhering to the strict social distancing guidelines. The Church advises against any hymns being sung during the service and they are not encouraging the organist, verger or sound operators to attend. If you would like to have a funeral service in Church, please contact us, so that we can advise you of the limitations at each Church.

The Clergy are still able to take services at the Crematoriums if you would prefer. At Weston and Bristol Crematoriums they still have an organist present during the funeral, so that you can have hymns if you would like. There are still no hymn books in any of the Chapels, so service sheets would be required. At the Crematoriums where there is no organist, we can download the music onto their sound system so that you may still sing any hymns.

Sedgemoor, Weston, Bath and Mendip crematoriums still have access to a Music Library so we can download any music requirements ready for the service. Bristol Crematoriums do not have this facility, so we do still need to provide them with CD’s, which we just download and take up on the day of the service.

All Crematoriums are still limiting the number of mourners allowed, although things are slowly easing a little with Weston and Sedgemoor upping their numbers to 20 family/close friends.